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The principles that govern the way we practice are as follows:

A high level of client care.

We listen to what is required and seeking the most appropriate ways of improving their environment.

Good design

We like to see the design that fits in with its surroundings, complementing the past yet looking forward. Our aim is to design buildings that will age well and not go out of fashion.

Be flexible.

We do not want to dictate the type or style of work we do but enjoy the variety of projects a practice of our size deals with.

Direct responsibility.

We are directly involved with every project in the office and see projects through from start to completion.


We believe in being honest with our clients especially with regard to cost and time. No excuses.


We use the appropriate technology for the project. We operate a CAD system and use Word and Excel for all our administration.

We work with a number of established builders and obtain competitive quotations often with the advantage of knowing the builder well.

We start all projects afresh and evaluate the requirements without being influenced by the past…we listen and learn from our experience rather than allowing it to dictate to us.

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